Lee Westwood will be looking to right his, quiet frankly, poor record at the World Golf Championship Wold Matchplay event this week.

The 37 year old has an excellent record at WGC events and big tournaments with second place finishes in all three of the WGC stroke play events, The Open Championship and Masters Tournament, but he even considered staying away from the Match Play for a while because of his record and its scheduling so early in the season.

In his 10 previous attempts at this WGC crown, the Englishman has never made it past the second round.

"The first day is probably one of the most exciting days of the year as far as golf spectators are concerned, watching all the different matches going on, but there are no easy games.

"I've played pretty well here, but you occasionally run up against people that are playing well."

Westwood's position at the top of the rankings is once again under threat from both Martin Kaymer and Tiger Woods, but, as with Tiger and Mickelson last year, it is talk about so much before every tournament it doesn't really bother him much.

"I'm not feeling any pressure to defend – I'm fairly used to it," he said.

It has been off the course rather than on it that he has noticed more of a difference.

"I didn't realize the massive jump to going to World Number One – the demands on your time and doing interviews and things. Profile elevation, I guess.

"So that's the main thing you have to get your head around, time management, saying 'No' a lot."

Westwood would like to see more than just one of the World Championships outside America.

"I think there's a bit too much in the United States. We're trying to push the game around the world and it's part of having it in the Olympics coming up (in 2016), trying to create enthusiasm in places like China and around Asia and South America.

"You ought to take these big tournaments to those places. That would be my only change. I think the formats are great."