It turns out that if plans to push the Superbowl back by two weeks are implemented in 2012, the Phoenix Open will be moved so that it is still on the same weekend as the one of the most watch sport event in the America.

The Mole is very interested to see how the organisers of the Phoenix Open will react to this news. They must have been jumping with joy when they heard the Superbowl might be shifted back a couple of weeks, only to find out their tournament will be moved accordingly.

The NFL is considering adding two more games, which would push the big game into mid-February.

The US Tour said that it likes having the Phoenix Open's spot in the schedule at the same time as Super Bowl weekend.

It is either a massive slap in the face, admitting the Phoenix Open is the least important tournament around that time, or a huge compliment by saying it is the only tournament that has a chance of competing with the Superbowl for ratings.

The Mole reckons it is a lot of the former that will be covered up by officials stating the latter.  This years Superbowl started while the Phoenix Open was still in progress and attracted a global audience of apparently around 111 million people.

The names David and Goliath do come to mind, but are immediately discarded because there is no way David can win this one.