Paul Lawrie has taken the controversial decision to skip the US Open to try and increase his chances of making the European Ryder cup team.

Scotland's Paul Lawrie has taken the almost inexplicable decision to skip the US Open so that he can focus on his performance in the BMW International Open.

The former Open champion is assured of his spot in the second Major of the year as he is currently ranked 43rd in the world, but has decided to miss the event because of previous poor performances.

Instead Lawrie will use the time off to focus on the BMW International Open, because he believes he has more chance of earning Ryder Cup points in Germany.

"My record in the US Open is not good," Lawrie said. "I understand that it is a Major but I feel I have more chance of playing well at the BMW International Open the week after the US Open than in a US Open.

"I know people are going to be surprised, but I stand more chance of earning Ryder Cup points at the BMW in Cologne than in the US Open in California."

The Scot believes that the way US Open courses are set up doesn’t suit his game – he does have a point, he has only made one cut in four previous appearances – but the decision to skip a Major to focus on a less glamorous event will confuse a lot of people.

"That year everyone was shooting low despite the weather," he said. "So it's a decision I had been thinking about for a long time and I knew it was going to be an issue, but if you know you can't compete in a particular tournament, then why go?"

Lawrie’s end game is to make the Ryder Cup squad, so he is trying to build a schedule that will give him the best chance of achieving that aim.

"So not playing the US Open, and instead playing the following week in Cologne, is better for me," he said.

What do think of Lawrie’s decision to skip the US Open, understandable or unthinkable?

  • KP

    I reckon he makes sense. If the Ryder Cup is his goal, he is doing the right thing!