Even though Martin Kaymer is content just to have reached the summit of mens golf, he would like to stay there longer than Bernhard Langer did.

"It would be nice to be one day longer as number one than Bernhard Langer," he said. "But if it happens it happens and if not that's fine too.

"I really don't care. I've been number one and no-one can ever take it away from me. That was my goal when I started playing golf.

"It is a nice thing, but it doesn't change my life. Yes I'm maybe a little more busy, that's for sure, and there's more work for my manager, but besides that nothing is changing.

"A lot of people ask me 'so you must be the happiest person in the world now.' Yeah I'm happy and I'm satisfied, but there's still something missing.

"I don't know what it is, what I have to win, what I have to do more. Maybe I will find out in the next 12 months."