The clubhouse at Augusta National

Realistically, not many of us will ever make it to Augusta to watch the Masters live and in person, let alone gain access to the most exclusive clubhouse in golf. So when one of the Mole's friends sent him some sneaky hidden camera footage from inside of said clubhouse, the Mole was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement.

An anonymous friend of the Fairway Mole managed to capture this unique footage during the Masters two weeks ago. Can you identify the men in the Green Jackets?

  • Peter

    Green jackets?

  • SJDG

    They will find out who did this and take action….trust me on this from personal experience!

  • Howesag

    Quite ordinary and basic really – but with stacks of tradition and character

  • David

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. I know there’s a mystique about Augusta that they try to preserve but it just makes me even more impressed – and more keen to go to watch the Masters. I hope they don’t see this as anything but what it is – a view of a very special place.

  • Fernando

    Would have loved to see more!!