Mark King, CEO of TaylorMade, discusses the new Hack Golf initiative (Credit: PGA of America).

The annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, is known to be the launchpad for any new concepts in golf. And at this year’s show, one of the most talked-about, radical ideas presented to the golf world was that of Hack Golf.

According to the website, “Hack Golf is a pioneering initiative aimed at making golf more fun for everyone. The premise: we need to re-invigorate the golf experience to ensure the game continues to thrive in the 21st century.”

“Designed as an open innovation and collaborative platform, Hack Golf brings together passionate golfers, interested non-golfers, and industry leaders—indeed, anyone with ideas and approaches to increase the fun factor in golf.”

So in simple terms: if you have an idea that you believe will make golf more fun, join the site and tell the world about it.

But what makes Hack Golf different from regular forum sites is that the best ideas will probably receive financial support to bring them to life. And if ‘probably’ isn’t enough motivation for you to start typing up your best ideas, Hack Golf was not conceived by some golfer scorned by a pompous pro at the country club. It is hosted by TaylorMade and has the support of both the PGA of America and the National Golf Foundation, and they plan to announce additional partners over the next few weeks.

Mark King, CEO of TaylorMade, had this to say about Hack Golf: “Is it (golf) too hard? Are there too many rules? Whatever you think, we want to hear about it. Then we want you to tell us what your ideas are for adding fun. What would you do differently to make the game more enjoyable?”

“Out of all of the ideas that are proposed, by golfers like you (and non-golfers too), we think the odds are great that we’ll find some real game-changers. No idea is too big, too small or too off the wall.”

If you feel that you have a few ideas that might improve the game, go visit and take part in this very timely discussion.

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