Find out more about the GPS apps available for your smartphone and tablets.

Our latest issue of Compleat Golfer featured a marketplace on GPS devices and rangefinders. Now it’s time to find out more about the GPS apps available for your smartphone and tablets.

Before actually giving you details of the different apps available, I want to remind you that the rules regarding GPS apps on smartphones work the same way as those for actual GPS devices and rangefinders. This particularly refers to the rule where devices and apps that provide direct distances to specified targets are allowed, however, apps and devices that also provide slope ratings, wind speed and temperature are defined as illegal in competition.

It is best to always check with your local club before using any such devices so as to not have any confusion while on the course.

GPS Apps for smartphones

Golfshot: Golf GPS for iPhone – R250 (available through iTunes App Store)
This app features zoomable aerial view of each hole with “TruePoint” touch targeting for precise distances. It also allows you to calculate your handicap and email scorecards. The app features most courses in SA and around the world and even includes HD support for iPad.

There is a cheaper version of Golfshot, which can also be purchased from the app store for $1 (approximately R8), however this version does not offer the aerial views. Go to to find out more about the app.

GolfLogix – R165
GolfLogix has been rated the No 1 GPS system for quite some time now and is available on all types of smartphones. The system gives you aerial views of each hole along with distances to all hazards and lay-up areas as well as to the front, middle and back of every green.

Along with this you also get updated tips and the ability to track your scores and stats each time you play and use the app.

Go to to find out more and to purchase the app.

Swing by Swing Golf – FREE
This is my personal favourite as firstly it is free, and secondly it allows you to scroll to certain points on a course and it gives you the distance from where you are standing to that point. You can upgrade to a paid for version that offers stat tracking and scorecards, however, if you are just looking for a simple GPS system, go for the free version. Available on all smartphone platforms.

Go to to find out more and to download the app.

There are plenty of other GPS apps available for smartphones, however, I have managed to test these three out and feel they are the best performing apps for South Africa courses.

If you are using any other apps, please comment below with your review and I will add the app to the list above.

  • Ron

    Wegolf and Sonocaddie are also available for smartphones and are cheap. Wegolf recommends the club to use.


    how many of these apps work on Black Berry?

    • Compleat Golfer

       Hi Grant. Sorry for not putting it in the article. Golflogix and Swing by Swing are both available on Blackberry. I use the swing by swing app on my Bold and it works like a charm.

  • Mackayes

    If you want the free apps. Try Nrange. Gives the first three courses free. scorecard for yourself only though, keeps stats on fairways hit GIR and Putts. You can also measure your tee-shots.

  • Charles Vally

    Fun golf also is a great app, way better than those mentioned above, started using it a couple of months ago on my home course and was quite suprised by the way it displayed the courses in 3D !