Sergio Garcia shocked the golf world after the third round of the Masters by saying that he doesn’t think he is capable of winning a Major Championship, and he backed up his comments after the tournament. Is he right or does he just lack confidence?

The Spaniard began the third round just one shot behind the leaders, but a disappointing 75 moved him out of contention for the final round.

Garcia lost confidence

The despondent Garcia then unburdened his soul by telling the media he just didn’t believe he had what it takes to win a Major.

"That's the reality. I'm not good enough and today I know it. I've been trying for 13 years and I don't feel capable of winning," Garcia said. "I don't know what happened to me. Maybe it's something psychological. After 13 years, my chances are over. I'm not good enough for the Majors. That's it."

Statements like that make it pretty clear that there is “something psychological” holding him back, but just in case you thought his comments were a knee-jerk reaction to a bad round, Garcia reiterated the sentiment after completing the final round.

"Everything I say, I say it because I feel it," he said. "If I didn't mean it, I couldn't stand here and lie like a lot of the guys do. If I felt like I could win, I would do it. Unfortunately at the moment, unless I get really lucky in one of the weeks, I can't really play much better than I played this week. And I'm going to finish 13th or 15th. What does that show you?"

And when asked what he thought was missing from his game, he answered, “Nothing.”

He ended up 12th, which means he has been in the top 12 in all of the last four Major championships; not exactly the kind of dooms-day scenario you’d expect to cause such a negative reaction.

Perhaps Garcia has fallen victim to believing his own hype, a cardinal sin for any professional athlete who wants to manage expectation.

Garcia vs Woods

He burst on to the scene as a fresh-faced 19-year-old by shooting the lowest amateur score in the 1999 Masters tournament. He subsequently turned pro and won his first European Tour title six starts later in the 1999 Irish Open. Later that same year Garcia went on to duel with Tiger Woods for PGA Championship title, with the Spaniard coming off second best.

But it did lead to speculation Garcia would give Woods a run for the title of ‘best player of their generation’.

Since then Tiger has gone on to win 12 more Major titles for a total of 14, whereas Sergio is yet to win even one, so he may have a point.

But the Mole is having a great deal of difficulty believing that someone as good as Garcia isn’t capable of winning a Major.

Garcia’s obvious talent

Surely it is more just a loss of belief in himself, rather than an actual lack of talent, after 54 attempts at Major glory without success.

There is no doubt that if Garcia doesn’t get a breakthrough in his career, he will go down as one of the best players to never win a Major.

Do you think Sergio Garcia is good enough to win a Major? Has he really lost confidence in himself, or do you think he is just trying to alleviate a bit of the pressure from himself?

  • Angelo Sardo

    If Garcia could Putt…He would have 2 or 3 Majors by now quite easily. Same applies to Ernie. If the Big Easy could Putt over the last 12 Months, he would have Won a few Tournaments and probably another Major or 2. At the End of the Day it always comes down to the Flatstick. That is also the reason why Tiger is not dominating World Golf anymore either.

  • RJS

    If he believes that, then he will not win.There are many good guys around now so to win you must have the confidence to do it

  • Niel Muller

    If you are good enough to win a Major, like Garcia is, all you need is a little luck during a major tournament week.

    Many much less talented golfers have won majors and some of them, hardly anything else !

  • Thapelo

    This is sad.