Callaway's RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver

Equipment company Callaway has launched its second generation RAZR driver this week. Called the RAZR Fit Xtreme, Callaway is calling it the longest fully adjustable driver to come from the manufacturer. Like most modern golf clubs, there’s a healthy amount of engineering and technology used to ensure that you strike the ball better and further.

The headline tech in the new RAZR Fit Xtreme is called Speed Frame and makes the most of the stiffness and stress distribution across the face. In English, this means that the face is more efficient at energy transfer, meaning you’ll get a bit more distance even if you’re not hitting the ball out of the middle of the club.

This new driver is made from forged composite and Callaway claims that the driver has the lightest crown in golf. Like most modern drivers, the club is adjustable in many ways. The face can be set to open, square and closed, while the adjustable balance weights at the bottom help promote draw or a neutral shape. If you want to personalise your RAZR Fit Xtreme, Callaway offers a customisation service. You can choose one of eight bold colours and have the club’s sole engraved with a logo or word, by laser, which does sound pretty interesting.

Callaway is pretty confident that its new driver will be the longest on tour. “The RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver is worthy of its extreme designation. We worked tirelessly to improve on the best distance characteristics of our longest drivers, and the result is incredibly fast ball speed off the Speed Frame Face. This driver is very long and consistent. It will not be matched,” said Alan Hocknell, from Callaway’s R&D team.


  • Warwick Weedon

    By now we should be hitting our drives regularly over 400 meters if manufacturers claims are to be believed! Absolute hogwash!!!!

  • Compleat Golfer

    Yeah, agreed. 

  • Brendan Barratt

    The new drivers really do hit the ball further – perhaps not quite as far as the marketing hype would have you believe. But what’s wrong with a bit of hype if it gets the club into your hands? From there it’s still your decision whether you want to buy it or not – and many people are splashing the cash.