I'm pretty sure Brian Gay's caddie didn't ever think part of his job would be scaring off alligators when he signed on to carry the PGA Tour players bag.

Gay caddie Kip Henley certainly earned his pay check in the RBC Heritage this week.

Gay’s third shot on the 15th hole of his first round landed next to a 10-foot alligator on the bank of a pond in front of the green. Henley attempted to scare the 'gator away using a bunker rake, and the reptile eventually relented back into the water.

“I wasn’t going to go near him, but my caddie’s not scared of him,” Gay said. “It took at least 10 minutes and he just wouldn’t move. There was a baby about 20 feet away on the bank and we think that’s why he didn’t want to move. When he finally got in the water he just stayed right there. So I couldn’t get over there to hit.”

Gay did have the option of a free drop as an alligator definitely counts as a 'dangerous situation', but either him and his caddie didn't know that, or Henley is a bit of a daredevil