Putting Feel

The most important aspect when it comes to putting is feel. For right-handed golfers, most players will feel the putt through their right hand, with the left hand on the grip for stability.


The following putting drill will help you develop a good feel and rhythm in your putting stroke – and therefore drain more putts.

  • Set up in your normal putting stance, four to six feet away from the hole, and place your right hand on your putter and your left hand in your pocket or behind your back.
  • Left-handed putters should do the opposite. Now make your normal putting stroke, taking it back with one hand and following through with one hand. Try to feel the rhythm of your putting stroke with a back and forth motion while moving nice and smoothly.

With this drill it is not important whether or not you make the putt, but try to feel the weight of the putterhead swinging through the ball like a pendulum. This will help you to learn to control pace and distance better, while finding the middle of the putter more often.

  • When you are done practising with one hand, go back to using two hands and try to regain the feel you just got with the one-hand drill. Feel that same pace and rhythm and feel like you use the same amount of pressure you used during the drill. With a little bit of practice, you will feel much more confident and comfortable with your putting stroke.


Tip by Warrick Druian

Warrick Druian is the head professional at Killarney Country Club.
A former Sunshine Tour player, he is a past winner of the Telkom PGA Championship.

To book a lesson with Warrick, contact him on 011 327 0657.