Common Problem

A lot of ammies struggle to get into the right position at the top of their backswing, which of course makes it even harder to get into the right position at impact. A few subtle changes to your setup should help you into a good position from the top of the swing and from there.

I talk about the bow position, where the hips are pushed marginally forward and the spine is tilted slightly to the right so that your body resembles something like an archer’s bow.

Here’s what you need to do: (as a right-handed golfer)

  • Take your normal address, then push your hips to the left by about an inch. You are not opening or closing them, simply moving them laterally by a fraction.
  • Now tilt your spine angle slightly to right, as in picture 1, and you will feel how you are immediately setup further behind the ball.
  • From here you just need to turn your shoulders and you will find that you are immediately in a better position at the top of your backswing, with your weight nicely behind the ball.
  • It will also help you to initiate your downswing with the lower part of your body as opposed to the top half (as could result from the setup in picture 2), which leads to common problems like coming over the top of the ball.


Tip By Greg McDonald

Greg McDonald is the head professional at Mowbray Golf Club and has been a PGA professional for 27 years.

Contact Greg on 021 689 2811.