Question from Chris Bekke:

Wat gebeur as jy die verkeerde bal uit die rough uit speel?
What happens if you play a wrong ball out of the rough.


A player must complete the hole with the ball played from the teeing ground unless the ball is:

  • lost
  • out of bounds
  • substituted – e.g. damaged
  • wrong ball is any ball other than the player’s ball and includes:
  • another player’s ball
  • an abandoned ball
  • the player’s original ball when it is no longer in play

Playing a Wrong Ball:

If a player makes a stroke at a wrong ball a Penalty is incurred – 2 Strokes (Stroke Play) and Loss of Hole (Match Play) whether the ball is played from the rough, fairway, bunker or water hazard, however, no Penalty is incurred in both forms of play if a stroke is made at a moving ball in a water hazard.

The player must correct his mistake by playing the correct ball or by proceeding under an applicable Rule – e.g. Lost Ball Rule.

In Stroke Play, if the error is not corrected before teeing off from the next tee or informing your marker before leaving the putting green on the last hole that you will correct the error the Penalty is Disqualification.

Strokes made with the wrong ball do not count in the player’s score.

Refer to: Play Your Golf by the Rules.

  • Wrong Ball – Pg. 154