Hank Haney is an advocate of having the club more in the palm of the hand, but if anyone watched Tiger hitting his tee shot, you would notice that since he has changed coaches (to Sean Foley) and changed his grip more into the fingers, he is all of a sudden so much longer off the tee again.

Placing the grip too high up the palm of the hand limits leverage. It also means that the fingers will merely sit on top of the grip and not wrap around it. No matter how strong you are, you will never be able to keep control of the club when your fingers are just sitting on top of the grip. No control means the club will slip and move in your hand during the course of the swing, hence big holes in your glove and even bigger holes in your score!

Try this:

  • Now this picture indicates where you should place the club in your hand.
  • Notice that the grip sits much lower and runs diagonally through the hand.
  • From this position, your fingers will now be able to wrap around the club and ‘lock’ it in position.
  • By holding the club in the fingers, there is no need to grip the club tightly and compromise your feel – or your golf glove.


In all my years of teaching, the Leadbetter Training Grip is the best training aid that I have ever come across.

  • Hold the Leadbetter grip up in front of you at a 45-degree angle.
  • Go ahead and place your fingers within the allocated lines on the grip and you will have the perfect grip.
  • It probably won’t feel great at first, but that is probably a good thing as that demonstrates the fact that you were gripping the club incorrectly before.
  • With a little practice you will have the feel for the correct grip and will be able to replicate it on your own clubs.
  • Before you ask – no, you cannot put this grip on your actual clubs. It is a training aid and cannot be used in tournament play!


Tip by James Loughnane

James Loughnane is the director of golf at King David Golf Club in Cape Town. He is a AAA member of the PGA of SA as well as a member of the British PGA. James is a former winner on the Sunshine Tour and is a Mizuno staff player.

Contact James on 021 934 0365.