Golf tip no 1 - Stand behind the ball with the golf aim target straight in front of it.

Picking the spot to focus your golf aim on should be an integral part of your pre-shot routine, reckons Gavan Levenson.

You often see players pointing to the target to aim their golf club before the shot. These golf tips makes it easier to align yourself with your golf aim point correctly once you are standing over the ball at address.

Here is a simple set of golf tips to use from standing behind the ball to determine where the aim of the golf club should be all the way up to executing the shot.


Golf Tip no 1 – Stand approximately 2m behind the ball with the target straight in front of it. Pick a spot in front of the ball as your point of reference. A golf aiming spot could be anything from a leaf to a broken tee, but make sure it is on the line of your target. When practising, use a tee or ball as the point of reference.


Golf Tip no 2 – Address the ball with your feet together and aim the clubface at the golf aim point. Once you are comfortable with your alignment, take your correct stance, and from here, fire away.

The goal of these golf tips is inspire a routine for determining your golf aim and should be done before playing any shot on the course.

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