Nick Watney's AT&T National victory yesterday gave Titleist the perfect assurance that its new prototype golf irons were good to go after just one week of validation.

Titleist only released the first prototype golf irons to the US Tour professionals last Monday, and Watney was one of the players to put them in the bag immediately. This week I look at his irons and the rest of his victorious equipment that took him to his second win for the year and to the top of the Fedex Cup rankings.

Titleist driver

Nick used a Titleist 910D3 10.5° driver with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI7 shaft. This shaft has become one of the most used on the US Tour and even Tiger has been seen testing it out instead of his trusty old Diamana White board shaft. It is also one of those shafts that will not be easy to get in SA just yet.

Watney has his driver set on the B-2 setting, which means that his loft is the standard 10.5° but the lie angle is set more upright by 0.75° promoting a draw. This has worked for Nick as he ranked fifth in the total driving stats on the US Tour, which combines driving distance and accuracy off the tee.

Titleist fairway woods

Nick used a Titleist 910F 15° 3-wood with a Mitsubishi Diamana Blue-board 93 shaft. The heavy shaft helps him keep the ball flight more penetrating in windy conditions and also gives him more workability to hit a fade or draw when necessary.

Titleist hybrid

Nick is one of the few players to have a hybrid and 3-iron in his bag. His Titleist 910H 21° hybrid with an Aldila Voodoo XVS9 shaft offers a higher ball flight than his 3-iron giving him more options in windy and wet condtions.

Titleist golf irons

Nick used the new prototype Titleist 712 AP2 golf irons (3–PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts. I cannot explain much about the new golf irons as Titleist has yet to release any technical information due to them still going through the validation process.

You have to be a really pure striker of the ball to use X100 shafts as they are heavy and can feel very dead on mishits. Watney obviously prefers heavier shafts throughout his set as this offers him more workability and better distance control.

Titleist Vokey Design wedges

Nick only used two wedges apart from his pitching wedge (which is part of his golf iron set), those being a Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled 54° and a Titleist Tour Vokey Design 60° wedge.

The 60° has a very rounded grind which allows the clubface to be opened and closed more effectively depending on the desired shot, which fits hand-in-hand with Watney’s preference of working the ball as opposed to just hitting it straight all the time.

Scotty Cameron putter

Nick used the Scotty Cameron Studio Select Fastback putter, one of the most popular Scotty Cameron’s on tour. It is obviously working for Watney who is ranked the best putter on the US Tour so far this year.

Titleist Pro V1X

Watney used the Titleist Pro V1X ball, taking the total wins for the ball to 77 in 2011, with the nearest competitor clocking in at 11.

So it is yet another victorious week for Titleist on the US Tour. First it was Harrison Frazar, then Rory McIlroy’s US Open triumph and now its Nick Watney’s turn. Who will be next?