The Taylormade MOAD on display at the PGA merchandise show in Orlanda, Florida.

A spaceship? Maybe a joke? No (even though that was my first reaction), it’s a new oncept by Taylormade called: MOAD – Mother Of All Drivers.

Launched this week at the annual PGA merchandise show in Orlando, Florida, it has created immense buzz among the patrons – mainly for its funky look – as Taylormade is yet to reveal any concrete information on the technology behind the product. What we do know is that it was designed with complete disregard for any rule the R & A or USGA have ever thought out to limit driver technology. I bet by now you’re itching to get your hands on one of these… Well, let’s see what happens. More information to follow soon.


  • Dropking

    The equipment manufacturer has taken one giant, bold step further, and has created a set of oversized, easy-to-hit, non-conforming clubs designed to make golf easier and more attractive.

    The set includes four clubs — driver, iron, wedge and putter — that are meant to strike a larger-than-normal golf ball, with the end goal of holing the ball inside a 15-inch cup. Benoit Vincent, TaylorMade’s Chief Technology Officer, says the company has found 100 courses that are willing to create 15-inch cups on six or eight of their holes and allow play with the non-conforming clubs. Not wanting to scare away traditionalists, or even just the average golfer, those holes will still include the usual 4.25 inch cup.

    “This is all just an experiment,” said Vincent. “We have no idea what this will lead to, but that’s not stopping us from trying it out. The idea is to make golf more fun for more people. Part of the plan is to have people playing only for an hour or 90 minutes at a time, at least at first.”

    The clubs are designed in a way that makes getting the ball airborne far easier than usual. The faces are large and grooveless and have considerably more loft than what we’re all playing now. Each club also includes the type of grip we’re used to seeing on a training aid: one that is molded to ensure the proper hand position.

  • Fairway_Mole12

    Hey Dropking, the MOAD is a different design from the clubs you’re talking about