My new TaylorMade R11 golf gloves. Only to be broken open when my current old glove is literally in tatters!

I got my first sponsored gear! Many thanks to the guys at TaylorMade in South Africa for helping me out with three lovely R11 golf gloves in just my size.

I don’t think they’ll last long enough to get me all the way to the Masters, but it’s a start and means a lot to me. It just feels good to have a little bit of backing from the world’s number one golf brand!

In other news, I have now drifted out to a 12 handicap, which comes at no surprise after a couple of weeks of hacking it around in the high 80s.

But this morning did show some signs of improvement, as I came within an inch of sinking a birdie putt for a level-par nine holes on the mashie course at The River Club in Cape Town. You may well say that’s not a big deal on a course where no hole is longer than 100 metres, but it would certainly have been a first for me.

What’s better – in a twisted, warped kind of way – is that I only hit three greens in regulation. So I got up and down a lot, which means the short game is starting to come to the party. Which is precisely what I need on the big courses, because I miss nearly all my greens there too! Long may it last