Hot women golfers: Belen Mozo, Blair O'Neal and Natalie Gulbis

The Mole already spends so much of his time thinking about this, I might as well share it with you folks too. But, let’s pretend there’s an excuse to post this one anyway, shall we? So, in light of Augusta’s change of heart, The Mole has decided to celebrate (in his opinion) the sexiest female golfers to ever grace the course.


Danielle Montgomery

She’s got the accent, the body, the eyes, the hair, and the near naked photoshoot for an Australian golf calendar — and if you missed your chance at meeting/seeing her while she was in the country earlier this year, you’re probably kicking yourself right now.


Hot women golfers: Danielle Montgomery

Hot women golfers: Danielle Montgomery


Anna Rawson

If you don’t know Anna Rawson (whose main talent off the course seems to be not thinking before she speaks) and her model-turned-pro story by now, you must have been living under a rock. Allow me to give you a small example that shows why you should come out from under that rock.


Hot women golfers: Anna Rawson

Hot women golfers: Anna Rawson


Blair O’Neal

The Mole was writing something about the Big Break star, but then got distracted by her ridiculous sixpack.


Hot women golfers: Blair O'Neal

Hot women golfers: Blair O’Neal


Natalie Gulbis

This one is a given, seeing that Gulbis is the main reason most men tune in to watch LPGA events. And let’s not forget that time she posed in a bodypainted bikini for Sports Illustrated.


Hot women golfers: Natalie Gulbis

Hot women golfers: Natalie Gulbis


Paula Creamer

Paula’s strange comments on Twitter are easily forgiven when you see who’s pushing the buttons behind the screen.


Hot women golfers: Paula Creamer

Hot women golfers: Paula Creamer


Belen Mozo

With an incredibly good looking Spaniard like Mozo on the ladies tour, one can only wonder where Sergio Garcia went wrong. Added bonus: the fantastic photoshoot where she posed nude for ESPN’s Body Issue.


Hot women golfers: Belen Mozo

Hot women golfers: Belen Mozo


Suzann Pettersen

Norwegian Pettersen not only has a pretty face, but the game to back it, currently ranked sixth in the world. Also having posed for ESPN’s Body Issue, Pettersen’s shoot produced a lovely and tasteful nude shot.


Hot women golfers: Suzann Pettersen

Hot women golfers: Suzann Pettersen


Michelle Wie

Another fantastic golfer who also offers so much more on the course than just a nice exterior (and posterior), though it’s still very pleasant to view along with the golf.


Hot women golfers: Michelle Wie

Hot women golfers: Michelle Wie


Azahara Munoz

Easily one of the most classically beautiful women on our list, Azahara brings of lot of grace on the course. Along with her very fortunate face, she also has some very promising potential, never once in her rookie career missing a single cut.


Hot women golfers: Azahara Munoz

Hot women golfers: Azahara Munoz


Tandi Cuningham

Homegrown Tandi Cuningham is always a delight to watch on the field, and her talents lie off the course as well — in her spare time she writes for us!


Hot women golfers: Tandi Cuningham

Hot women golfers: Tandi Cuningham


Honorary mention

This picture of Christie Kerr. Let your imagination run wild, fellas.


Hot women golfers: Christe Kerr

Hot women golfers: Christie Kerr


EDIT: In case we missed a few hot ladies, please let us know! We’d love to do some more research on this subject. You know, just for the sake of journalistic integrity. We have an obligation.

  • Prins Joel


    • Compleat Golfer

      Agreed ;)

  • Ambrose Petersen

    There are 7 asian women in the top 10 currently… however all your top ten HOTTEST are caucasian… why is that you think only caucasian women are HOT??????

    • Compleat Golfer

      Well, Michelle Wie was my pick on the Asian front, please feel free to add to the list! We consider it sign of unintelligence to be biased when it comes hot ladies, so we’re certainly not doing so here :) If we could, we’d have a Hot 100! Come with your suggestions — Mika Miyazato and IK Kim is definitely our next picks ;)

      • BHandle

         Agree 100%, Michelle and Sharmila are Asian and are gorgeous. It’s not about race at all, but about vital statistics and general ‘hotness’. I see no one complained that Laura Davies was not included. Next we’ll have a complaint from the Brits.

        • Compleat Golfer

          All the awards to you, BHandle! Your Laura Davies argument is impeccable. 

    • BHandle

       The main reason is the Asian women are mostly 5’2″ tall and 5’8″wide !

  • Yella Feva

    Ambrose Peterson – YES

  • Mike@JAG

    I was at Selborne at the SA Women’s Open. Danielle Montgomery and Tandi Cuningham were playing – so the SA men that didn’t go to watch the golf really missed out! Also in the field and who need to definitely be on your list were India’s Sharmila Nicollet and Italy’s Sophie Sandolo.

    • Compleat Golfer

      Those are two great suggestions!! Ugh, now I really think I need to expand this article into 100… or 200… :P

  • Thewhip Golf

    Valarie Ochoa should be there…Facebook her..You will see what im talking about.

    • Compleat Golfer

      Oh. Wow. Yes! 

  • Craig Simpkins

    Is it just me, or is that trophy that Christie Kerr is kissing, the most inappropriate shape ever???

    • Compleat Golfer

      Well, you know… It’s in there for a reason, so. ;)

  • Golfworldguru

    Just a bit of heads up snd the first photo you have of Anna Rawson is not Anna Rawson. Be careful, she (her management) can be nasty!

    • Compleat Golfer

      Thanks so much for the heads up!! Fixed it :)

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  • Mike Wiggill

    Anyone who ever complained, or even “suggested” that women’s golf is “boring” and/or that women golfers are “unattractive” / “butch” should have their eyes tested ……. and then be forced to read this article every day for 3 months as “punishment”.

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  • Michel Capitaine

    Where is ,Karrie Webb ? Karrie is the sexist golfer!

  • Dropking


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  • Anton Lückhoff

    Hey my wife is not there :)

    • Iowa City is poor


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